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Have you ever heard about Edo Emergency Medical Services (EDO EMS)?

If you are curious about the services they offer or how they operate, look no further. Explore the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) above to understand the importance of Emergency Medical Services.

The goal of Edo Emergency Medical Service (EDO EMS) is to save the lives of residents by providing ambulance medical services for quick response to health emergencies.

It is important to raise awareness about the project, provide details on how the service functions, and share the emergency contact numbers: 112 & 739.

The pilot phase is in three LGAs within Edo State namely Oredo, Ikpoba Okha and Egor and surrounding areas can utilize this service during medical emergencies.

You too can save a life!

For those around Ikpoba Okha, Egor, or Oredo, Please call the numbers 112 & 739 for any Medical Emergency.

Healthy People, Wealthy Edo.