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Edo State Primary Health Care Development Agency (EDSPHCDA)

The Agency was established in 2019 by the Edo State Government as part of its efforts to improve the health outcomes of its citizens and ensure universal access to health care services.

The EDSPHCDA is responsible for coordinating, managing, and supervising all primary health care services in the state, including preventive, promotive, and curative services. The Agency’s primary focus is on delivering essential healthcare services to populations, such as women, children, and the elderly, who are most at risk of developing health problems.”


To provide a package for promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services to the citizens of Edo State through a network of integrated Primary Health Care Centers, direct community engagement and high performing workforce.


To be the most responsive, effective and efficient Primary Health Care Development Agency in Nigeria  indicative of the improved health outcomes and population satisfaction.

Quality Policy Statement

Edo State Primary Healthcare Development Agency commits to provide the highest standard of comprehensive primary healthcare, by satisfying all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements with a view of continually improving our  processes, services to be able to provide expert patient care with compassion.


Function Of Edo State Primary Health Care Development Agency (EDSPHCDA)

Planning and Management:

EDSPHCDA is responsible for setting up state targets and developing evidence-based and integrated operational plans for primary healthcare services. This involves determining the prevention, treatment, and care services needed in alignment with national priorities. Through careful planning and management, the Agency ensures that healthcare services are delivered efficiently and effectively.


The Agency plays a significant role in coordinating the activities of Local Government Health Authorities (LGHAs) within Edo State. By providing coordination and alignment of primary healthcare activities with state priorities, EDSPHCDA prevents duplication of efforts and minimizes gaps in service delivery. 

This coordination maximizes the utilization of available resources and supports the development of patient referral care networks across all levels of the primary healthcare system.

Community Participation:

The Agency recognizes the importance of community participation in primary healthcare. EDSPHCDA monitors the performance of Ward Development Committees (WDC) and other community support groups. By encouraging active community participation, the Agency promotes the involvement of local communities in decision-making processes related to their healthcare needs. This participatory approach ensures that healthcare services are tailored to meet the specific needs and priorities of the community.

Godwin Obaseki

Executive Governor, Edo State

Godwins Marvellous Omobayo

Deputy Governor, Edo State

Dr. Omosigho Izedonmwen (MBBS, MHPM, FMCPH)

Executive Secretary,